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Backstage at MUI MUI

Freddy Engel talked to

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Model — Freddy Engel

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What’s the most interesting thing about your family? Do you have siblings?

I am the second oldest of five children, my two sisters and two brothers are probably the most important people in my life. We grew up in the suburbs of Hamburg in northern Germany. My older brother is a sinologist and tea-trader, the older one of my younger sisters just finished her law studies, the other one is a carpenter and artist. The little brother is still in school but following in our footsteps of rebellion against smalltown-boredom and narrow-mindedness already.

What tips or tricks have you picked up from modelling/the fashion industry?

To pack my bag light and not carry unnecessary weight with me while still having prepared as many different matching outfits as possible.

What is something interesting about you?

I am studying to be an Art Historian with a focus on… (read more on


MUI MUI — F/W 19


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