Getting to know Annama

Getting to know Annama

Model – Anna-Maria Nemetz

Cover photography – Sasha Prilutsky

What has it been like to release an album during COVID-19?

To be honest – not positive at all haha! Even though I published my debut album. My very first solo project! I did cry when it came out at midnight. It was overwhelming to see my very first album available everywhere. An album I have been working on for 2 years. And finally it’s out! That’s crazy! But at the same time when you drop something you think the whole world is going to change but obviously this is not what’s going to happen. No one is waiting for you. What I missed during quarantine is the connection to real people when you are on stage. That’s the only pure and real moment where you can actually feel, despite wether the people like your music or not. I miss the exchange.
Available on multiple platforms – Track Nr. 12

With live shows still proving to be impossible for now, what are your plans musically for the foreseeable future?

I’m already working on my second album. The show must go on;) And I’m thinking about planning my first showcase at the end of the year. Let’s see!

You’ve also started your own record label, Alien Punk Records. How did this come to life?

Well I worked with a major label before but we had too many different ideas of the Annama brand. I missed the idea of supporting music that doesn’t fit into a box straight away. It’s about trying out new things and developing and shaping it into something that still feels different but still accessible for the people.

Photography – Hila Shayer


The music video for your track, Benzin, was filmed in Negev, Israel. Can you tell us about your connection to Israel?

WOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH TEL AVIV THE VERY FIRST MOMENT I LANDED! I’m excluding the political situation in my answer, which also doesn’t mean I ignore the politics in that country and no one should when he or she is visiting. So in my answer I talk about the city itself (and ye it truly is a bubble) and the incredible humanity and openness it comes with. I was in Tel Aviv with my ex band B.O.X.E.R. the very first time to shoot a music video. That’s when I decided I needed to come back. I’ve never felt that comfortable and home in a city before. In that city nothing is set in stone, it’s more a try-and-error-vibe. I met wonderful people and shot 6 music videos there. Everyone I meet I recommend to do a trip to Tel Aviv. You will return as a different person with a whole bunch of new perspectives on life and your approach to people in general. I’ve been thinking about moving there for a couple of months now!

Director – Sasha Prilutsky

When you’re writing a song, how do you know you’re onto something good? 

I’m telling you, it’s a feeling! You simply know it. When I write about topics and I dig deep for sincere lines I do have a connective feeling to the world. It sounds way too esoteric but this is how it is for me.

Why is writing in German important to you? 

First of all it’s my mother tongue and I love that language. I’m studying German literature as well. I used to write in English because I find it easier to write and easier to put English phrases into music. But in the end German feels more direct to me. It’s definitely harder to write in German without getting too cheezy but it gets so much more precise and I love that.

Photography – Sasha Prilutsky


Can you elaborate on the inspiration for the music video for Zeig Mir Wie Liebe Geht? 

Ha, the most emotional song on the album! I shot the video in Tel Aviv… of course. It was quite spontaneous though. I had no real vision for that song so I just went with the flow. At this time I was staying at this beautiful farm (which was more like a huge creative playground with other creative creatures) for a day. There was this really nice bathtub so I jumped in and started to perform the song. It felt really intimate and fragile which worked perfectly with the song. The painting scene got shot in a photo studio. It’s easy to explain where that idea came from. The song is about a person I had to say goodbye to. He is a painter.

Director – Sasha Prilutsky

Whose music have you been listening to in the past six months? 

During quarantine I was quite into instrumental Music. So I listened to Grandbrothers a lot. Or classical music like Daniel Barenboim. Then Noga Erez (from Tel Aviv), Tricky, and Can.

P.S. here’s my quarantine playlist


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