Interview with Benjamin

Interview with Benjamin

Photographer – Paul James Hay

Styling – Zoe Facius

Model – Benjamin Nord Paskin

Coat – Dondup
Sweater – Dondup
Pants – Dondup

Shirt – Marc O’Polo
Pants – Marc O’Polo


What advice would you have given to your younger self?
I’d say that consistency is key, so focus on building a daily routine that propels you and piece by piece makes you a better human being. Also, get a kimono – they’re the most comfortable things on the planet.

What do you consider the toughest aspect of being a model?
Having my friends and family spread out across the world is both a dream come true and a serious challenge. Modern technology helps, but having everyone in the same place for a day would be awesome.

Jacket – SUN68
Shirt – Van Laack
Pants – Dondup
Eyewear – Moscot

How has Covid-19 affected you personally?
Lockdown was a shock but personally it gave me an opportunity to slow down and a chance to answer some of the bigger questions I had for myself. I also had an opportunity to see my family more than I have in the past 7 years combined, which was great.

Any new habits during lockdown?
I started gardening and picked up my guitar after a long time without playing. Now I even bring it with me when I travel.

Underwear – Ron Dorff


Shirt – Van Laack
Pants – Van Laack

Shirt – Van Laack
Pants – Van Laack
Shoes – UGG

Shorts – Dondup
Shoes – Levi’s

Sweater – Ron Dorff



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