Broken Hearted by KA’BEL

Broken Hearted by KA’BEL

Bardot stars Katie Underwood and Belinda Chapple have come together as a new duo KA’BEL with the first release BROKEN HEARTED out today!

Australia’s most successful girl group Bardot, born from the hype machine that was the first season of Popstars in 2000, experienced huge overnight success. They lost a key member Katie Underwood who left the group during their first year together.

They came back stronger than ever with a killer second album, but the band ended abruptly in 2002, a sudden end that made the media and the fans wonder what had happened.

Last year to celebrate the 20th anniversary Belinda, Tiffani and Katie got together for a lockdown reunion on Instagram. Out of all of this, finally, some new music from Bardot – sort of. Underwood and Chapple have teamed up to form KA’BEL- a new dance-pop duo with a debut single, Broken Hearted.

For those who’ve waited so long for the new music, it’s also very emotional hearing two of the group’s most distinctive voices singing together once again, all these years later. Katie and Belinda spoke to about exactly why last year’s Bardot reunion crumbled – and how KA’BEL rose from the ashes.

‘Broken Hearted’ was produced by the talented up and coming LA producer Dylan Bowes (also known as St Ends). Belinda says: “I really enjoyed working with Dylan on ‘Broken Hearted’ to create a song that you want to dance to, with beautiful strings and a cracking dance beat; Dylan is an incredible talent.”

Broken Hearted by KA’BEL is available to stream on October 15 and can be previewed and pre-ordered here. Follow the girls on Instagram for more updates.


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