Sacred Youth

Simon Paul, Usedom 2018

Sacred Youth

Photography — Paul James Hay

Models — CORE Artist Management

+++ Disclaimer +++

The following story was shot by photographer Paul James Hay, It contains nudity with the intent to entertain and showcase artistic talent and not with the intention to offend. All models shot naked were of legal age and gave consent to be shot this way. This story is intended for mature audiences only, Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Viewers under the age of 18 are advised to continue only with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. If you do not wish to see images of the male or female body in its natural form please refrain from viewing this story. 

+++ Disclaimer +++


Simon Paul & Sarah Allick, Usedom 2018


Simon Paul & Lucien, Usedom 2018


Simon Paul, Usedom 2018
Simon Paul, Usedom 2018


Sarah Allick, Usedom 2018
Lucien, Usedom 2018


As my own youth has come to an end, I have a different appreciation for the sacredness of youth and that, as the wise man said, ‘’Only when it has faded do you understand the value of it.’’
So I wanted to document. And as I compiled photographs did I begin to realize the value of the history that I was recording. And that’s why it became sacred.

I’m photographing this for the people involved. My aim is that in time the subject that is looking at that photo is able to say ‘’My God, that’s an amazing photo’’ or ‘’What an amazing experience that was, look how young and beautiful.’’
We all lose that eventually, not in your heart and not in your mind, but the visual side.
Creating this body of work has been about celebrating life and the frivolity of your 20s and the sense of discovery.

It is not about vanity, but a recording of a period of time and spirit.
The onset of puberty through to manhood or womanhood is a sacred period of time in ones life.
Sacred Youth is expressing the spirit of becoming mature and becoming who you are.
When I’m shooting and when I’m working there’s an absolute room for serendipity, it’s always going to take a life of its own.
I tried very hard in this project to sit with each of the subjects and ask them a series of questions in order to make sure the photo came from an organic place in their mind and that the answers and stories they gave me would create an arena for something new.

What has excited me most, is that it has unified most of the people I have shot over the last years.
A lot of people made friends, a lot of people have opened up to me and given me so much trust.
That in itself, has been such an honour.

We, CORE Artist Management, turned five this year and we didn’t really have time to celebrate.
This project is a great way to commemorate all the people that have been a part of CORE; staff, friends of the family, people along the way, the models we represent and to show them in a human way.

Photography is the way I communicate, it’s my way of celebrating what all this is and who we all are and who we are together.
And a really beautiful way of saying thank you.

Paul James Hay – September 2018


Paulina Knebel, St. Peter Ording 2018


Sarah Allick, Usedom 2018


Max Eichholz, Neustadt 2015


Dagmar Vieljans, Neustadt 2016


Sidney Hurricane Vieljans, Robinson Island, Kenia 2010


A close friend, Neustadt 2018


Stefan Mar, Neuruppin 2018


Stefan Mar & Vera, Neuruppin 2018
Stefan Mar & Vera, Neuruppin 2018


Karina Machajska, Schlachtensee 2018


Kilian, Neuruppin 2018
Kilian, Neuruppin 2018


Kilian, Neuruppin 2018


Tobias Huebertz, Neuruppin 2018


Ivan Goldfinch, Hamburg 2015


Lynn Amelie, Osten 2012


Amanda Mitchell, Flughafensee 2018


Maik Peter, Neuruppin 2018


Jocette Coote, Teufelssee 2018


Johann Kohlhoff & Helena Sofia, Flughafensee 2018


Paula Bluck, St. Peter Ording 2018


Max Eichholz, Neustadt 2018


Benjamin Nord Paskin, Berlin 2017


Elena Bartels, Berlin 2018


Amelie Schindler & Kim Dall´Armi, Osten 2013


Kenzie Hancock – PA to Paul James, Berlin 2017


Finn Wiesner, Berlin 2017
Chris Kightley, Hamburg 2011


RJ Mitte, Osten 2015
Nessima Schaefer – Agent, Neuruppin 2018


Tomas Rabbering, St. Peter Ording 2018


Marc Frick, Osten 2015


Vera Hilmars, Neuruppin 2018


Alistair Morrell, St. Peter Ording 2018


Charlotte Kay, Osten 2015


Joe Arzinger + Baby, Neuruppin 2018


Johann Kohlhoff, Teufelssee 2018


Johann Kohlhoff, Teufelssee 2018


Leo Lindemann, St. Peter Ording 2018


Damon Nixon, Berlin 2017


Fabio Stapel, St. Peter Ording 2018


Edward Moll, Neuruppin 2018


Tronje van Ellen – Content Editor, St.Peter Ording 2018
Merle Holst, St. Peter Ording 2018


Maj van der Ven, Neuruppin 2018


Maik Peter, Neuruppin 2018


Frederick Jauch, St. Peter Ording 2018


Frederick Jauch, St. Peter Ording 2018


Anna-Maria Nemetz, St. Peter Ording 2018


Tomas Rabbering, St. Perter Ording 2018
Elena Bartels, Hamburg 2012


Tomas Rabbering, St. Perter Ording 2018


Kathy, St. Peter Ording 2018


Lorenz Moll, Flughafensee 2018
Tobias Heubertz, Neuruppin 2018


Aviya Frank, St. Peter Ording 2018


Sienna King, St. Peter Ording 2013


Luisa Ghermann, St. Peter Ording 2018


Leon Beitz, Teufelssee 2018
Anne Lailach, Neuruppin 2018


Ingrid Tolentino & Michel Förtsch, St. Peter Ording 2018


Nina Hnizdo, St. Peter Ording 2018


Greta Dethlefs, St. Peter Ording 2018


Tronje van Ellen, St. Peter Ording 2018


Jocette Coote, Reinfeld 2009


Lynn Amelie & Marc Frick, Hamburg 2012


Lorenzo Weck, Hamburg 2008
Michael Lange, Osten 2012


Corey Wallace, Hamburg 2008


Anna-Maria Nemetz, St. Peter Ording 2018


Toni Jebens, St. Peter Ording 2018


Madeleine Reichert, St. Peter Ording 2018
Anthon Guethe, Berlin 2017


Niklas Söder – Grafik Designer, Hamburg


Elena Bartels, Berlin 2015
Konstantin Datchev, Berlin 2017


Peter Badenhop, Hamburg 2017


Susan Penquitt, Sankt Peter Ording 2018
Michael Anderson, Neustadt 2016


Mario Galla, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia 2015


Allistair Morrell, St. Peter Ording 2018


Sienna King, Sankt Peter Ording 2013


Tronje Van Ellen – My left hand and Art director, Jaipur, India 2016


Niklas Soeder, Dear friend and creative collaborator, Hamburg 2007


Julius Conrad, Dear friend, CFO and co-founder of CORE Artist Management, Paris France 2015


Zillah Matilda Hay – My daughter and my great love, Sankt Peter Ording 2018



Paul James Hay 2018



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