Sister by ferdinant.

Sister by ferdinant.

Photography & Music Video – St. Vladimir

Artist / Model – Tomas Ferdinant

“Writing this EP was one of the most liberating experiences, I tried to really look at the people who are closest to me and the experiences that shaped me as a human being. When writing about friends and family, it can get overwhelming to get a new perspective on the love and pain you share, because the things that connect you are often the things that used to hurt, and now bring joy, or warmth.”


“I used to think that as a big brother I was looking out for my little sister,
but funny enough I now see that mostly it’s the other way around.
I lovingly admit that she has helped me through times of vulnerability and loneliness.
She is a backbone and a pure joy and I love her dearly, and this song is a way of honouring that connection.”  Read more…




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