The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

Client – Highsnobiety

Creative Direction – Mother Loading

Co-Directed – Leanne Mark, Noah Shakoor

Co-Produced – Leanne Mark, Soul Suleiman

Photographer – Joseph Kadow

Digital & 3D Artist – Melanie Glück

Stylist – Rita Biscaia Bråten

Set Designer – Koske Tsuda

Hair Stylist – Bronwyn , Sara Groetsch, Lucia Binta

Make Up – Samuel Does, Olivia Nwachukwu, Vitor Carvalho

Model – Mattanja


We’re almost two years into the pandemic, and people are getting restless. Not the quarantine-induced restlessness that made some people run laps of their living room, and others suddenly really get into Clubhouse and day-trading. No, this is the kind of restlessness that’s making people move countries, quit their crappy jobs, and generally re-think their life. Read More.


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