Shirt —Urban Outfitters


Photography — Jennifer Endom 

Styling — Vera Witthaut 

Hair & Make-up — Jessica Karas

Assistant — Eva Winkler

Models — Connor Paterson, Christoph Lotz

Text — Jade McSorley


The question of what is it to be a Man, versus what is it to be a Woman, is still a question of constant debate: Articles have been written, movies produced, novels have explored the many ‘faces’ of gender and how we identify with it. A hundred years ago, women stepped up, claiming their right to vote, knocking the gender balance and creating an avalanche effect on the definition of sex and gender. Today is it questionable whether there should be a debate on the roles for men and women…
In our editorial, with Connor Paterson and Christoph Lotz, we capture the everyday and the new norm, or so we see it. Not only do Men look great doing the housework, but the idea that they shouldn’t is now aWASH in history.

Shirt — Asos
Pants — ATF
Belt — Daze
Shirt (white) — Nowadays
Shirt — Urban Outfitters
Culotte — Antonelli Firenze
Socks — Falke
Shoes — Melvin & Hamilton


Parka — Nowadays
Pants — Antonelli Firenze
Belt — Daze
Socks — Tommy Hilfiger
Suit — Patrizia Pepe
Dress — Urban Outfitters
Socks — Falke
Shoes — Melvin & Hamilton


Blazer — ATF
Shirt — Urban Outfitters
Skirt — Urban Outfitters
Socks — Adidas
Mules — EMU Australia
Coat — Urban Outfitters
Bolero — Urban Outfitters
Shirt — Nowadays
Shorts — Nowadays
Socks — Adidas


Top — Sportmax
Knit — Nowadays
Dress — Urban Outfitters
Boots — Vintage
Socks — Adidas
Hoodie — Nowadays
Shirts — Nowadays
Skirt — Antonelli Firenze
Socks — Adidas


Shirt – Nowadays
Shirt (long) – Vintage
Skirt – Antonelli Firenze
Pants – Nowadays
Socks – Adidas
Shoes – Melvin & Hamilton


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