Photographer – Dominik Zagarovsky

Model – Leon Beitz


What is masculinity?

It is not just a single trait some men have and some don’t. Masculinity has a it’s range. We can be athletic, have strong look on our face and put on an intimidating look. But as men we are also fragile. Softness and quietness are just a part of all of us in who we are same as harsh waves in a storm we can be strong but also like quiet waters we can be soft. We have the power to decide in which waters we want to swim and in which ways we want people to see us. It’s very rare that we show our naked self in the quiet waters but it’s still something that can be very powerful to do that. And maybe we have to think again about what stones we can leave unturned behind us and which ones we might want to look under in our own feature because

“The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it was and hope that something will change at the same time”.

Masculinity is who you are!



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