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Office meets style

Photo: Florian Raz
Production: Yilmaz Aktepe
Styling: Christian Schiebend

Summer Vibes

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It’s been a week since the show premiered in the U.S and premiers today in the U.K so I thought it would be a perfect time to put out my VSFS video diary (press the play symbol above!) and show you some unseen pictures from my time in Paris! Scroll through and read the answers to some of the questions I’m asked the most about my VS experience!


Which look did I prefer?

I loved both my looks for very different reasons, so I can’t really say which one I liked more. My first look will always be so special to me as it was the first time I had wings which is a really big honour in the VS … read more at Leomie´s blog


Leomie Andersons VS vlog:

Designer: Lenny Murr


What is your brand all about?

It is about colours, concept, surprising people and the attempt of conveying a feeling of visual harmony and balance.

When did you know that this was what you wanted to do with your life? How did you get started?

I always knew it actually. It was more about finding the courage to devote myself to a creative job and accepting all risks coming with it. Getting started then was easy. My first application at the UdK was successful, I moved to Berlin and started straight away.

What effect (if any) do you think your childhood has had on the creativity you display as an adult? What are your earliest memories involving fashion?

Both of my grandparents are fine artists letting colours flow through my veins. But it was more the daily art my mother applies to everything that shaped my sense for beauty. A way of…

RJ Mitte – The Courageous Class

Client: Kenneth Cole
Photographer: Boo George
Stylist: Tiina Laakkonen
Hair Stylist: Kevin Ryan
Makeup Artist: Florae White

Golden Water

Photographer: Jan Rickers
Styling: Sarah Harms
Make-up: Isabell Peters

December 2016

Welcome to the last month of 2016.
The Core team closed the month of “Movember” with an amazing 14k hike through saxon switzerland. As a group we managed to reach our limits and overcome these by supporting each other along the way.


Anna-Maria Nemetz and her battle partner. Find her performing at the Voice of Germany here:
Anna-Maria – Freedom // Anna-Maria and Michael – Sledgehammer


Amanda Mitchell – Golden Water


Elena Bartels – Club Monaco Cookbook


Leomie Anderson is wearing her wings at Victoria´s Secret Show at Grand Palais in Paris.


Curtain Call for Marlon Nicolaisen – Newface at CORE Management.

Matches Fashion

Philippe Vogelenzang – Photographer
Laura Noben – Makeup Artist

Tyvanni for Kluid Magazine









Photo: Elisa Carnicer
Styling: Adriana Barreno
H/M: Marta Ruiz

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