Giorgio Armani – Frames of Life

Sometimes we find ourselves looking at the world as spectators, watching our lives pass us by. However, the curiosity and desire to share experiences transform us into the protagonists of this play we call life.

It is those shared glances that combine the stories of the new Giorgio Armani Frames of Life 2017 campaign.

The campaign has been created in collaboration with Chris Sebastian Joys, a Sydney Film School student who caught the company’s eye in the second edition of the  Films of City Frames project. It is yet another example of Giorgio Armani’s commitment to support emerging talents. The main characters of the story are Emma and Tristan, two strangers in Wien who accidentally get in touch with each other, thanks to a voice message Emma has unintentionally sent to Tristan. He dives into her poetic vision of the world and sees the city with a new perspective.