Lena Hoschek’s collection gives a feeling of elegance and grace with a 1940s vibe, while styled up with rosy cheeks, curls and lace. Our Core girl Helena Ershova was dressed in a khaki jersey blazer and pencil skirt with a matching riding hat. Second look consists of a little orange lace piece accessorized with a masculine blazer & riding boots.

Riani brought a boho impression to her fall/winter collection by using many jewel tone colours and patterns. Anna-Maria Nemetz was dressed in a matching set with a khaki coat and bold strappy shoes. Finishing the outfit off with a fringed bag and earrings, ready for a boho vacation.

Black on black defines Nobi Talai’s collection, creating a dark sensation in the room. A sleek-fierce look was given to our stunning Jule Schindler to show a layered textured design mixed with a bit of leather.