Kim Dall’Armi wears a triangle-patterned pullover and matching scarf, combined with grey toned dress pants. This look is all about winter.

Our girl Jule Schlinder strutting her stuff in a blood red feminine pant and wrap top number. This outfit has been given some edge by added a metallic coat and pointy heels. Christoph Lotz looking fierce in fitted trench coat, complemented with glasses and dress shoes.

Anna-Maria keeping it classy in a grey toned layered dress and leather jacket, accessorized with an intricate black clutch. Second look Anna rocks a black pants suit with a bare chest to give it a feminine. The Charlotte Kay works a knitted black sweater and contemporary skirt for her first look, styling it up with a white pair of heel boots.

Porsche uses a layered look for our boy Frederick Jauch by adding a high neck and polo shirt under a black sleek coat. It is all about the accessories in this look; carry bag, shades, dress shoes and a leather belt to make it complete.

Daan Van Der Deen knows how to make anything look good from the most simple to the most complex outfits. His firey red coat with fur is highlighted in the first outfit, by layering it with a simple pair of black jeans and shirt. The next look shows off a silver watch and belt, matched with a maroon leather jack and shoes.


Who doesn’t like a man in a suit? Our boy’s book out Baldessarini winter/autumn collection wearing high-class suits & knitted scarfs. Using a neutral colour pallet high lighting with reds and blues. The winter look is completed with coats and patterned scarfs.

Opening the show with a bang our boy Christoph Lotz showing everyone how it’s done, in a bright red colour pallet.

Our boy Philipp Rudolph rocks red/maroon tones keeping the collection wearable for everyday wear. A woolen turtleneck and basic coat has been added to a grey roll up dress pant and stylish dark brown boots. Joey Arnzinger shows off a complex patterned scarf, and button up navy shirt. Straight black dress pants and grey blazer keep the outfit sophisticated.

Alistair Shaw walks Baldessarini collection in a matching black straight cut suit with blue-checkered button up shirt. This outfit is styled up with accessories  ‘belt, tie, gloves and multi coloured scarf’ to give it a casual edge.