As one of the youngest members of the CORE team, Stefano Granzotto has spent the last four years working his way up the ladder at lightning speed. With a character larger than life and a tenacious grip on ambition, it will be hard to keep up with his growing success. What many don’t know; is his talent in music and life long obsession with his drum kit.

How old were you when you started playing the drums? Do you still play now?
I got a snare drum on my 5th Birthday and since that day I’ve lived on it, then it just evolved from there and I started playing in a few different bands. At age 18 I started working in fashion and the drums moved to the side a bit.


What did you want to be when you were young?
Apart from being a drummer I guess I wanted to join the navy.


You have been studding Audiovisual media along side booking, has this rekindled the desire to stay playing again? Yes kind of. The rekindling started from watching drumming videos like Luke Hollands Drum Remixes but for sure, having access to the technology and studio has helped me get back into it all.


Favorite 3 tracks at the moment?

  • Miles apart by the Dangerous Summer
  • Sure think by Trails and Ways
  • Too much by Drake


So how does a boy that plays drums from the suburbs of Hamburg come to working in a leading agency?
I was asked to accompany a friend of mine who was doing a call back and I think the agent liked me more than my mate (laughs). Anyway; I was too short to model but the agent and I hit it off and asked me to become his assistant, the rest was history and we are still working together really closely today.



Stefano is wearing Sopopular


What’s one thing you have learnt from the fashion industry?
Its very fast and it takes a lot of commitment to do what we do. It has a lot of surprises, good and bad. Sometimes it can take everything from you, and at the same time, when you make an important booking with an amazing talented team, there is such a big reward.


Your team is really strong and it seems there’s a lot of love. Can you tell me about this?
Yes there is a lot of love. They’re my family and like all families, we scream and fight from time to time but always remain the same group of loving people. There is a lot of unity in our office, which helps the team play.


How has this industry affected you?
Through my job I now have a lot more self-esteem. I was really shy but my boss helped by pushing me further and I’ve come out of my shell a lot more. He is quite tough on me at times.


Favorite part of your job?
Dealing with loads of different types of people every day. Connecting with a global network of models, clients and agents. I love it!


Worst part of your job?
No being able to make the impossible possible!


Industry icon would be?
Being a fan of classic and being Italian I can’t go past Giorgio Armani. He’s iconic! David Brown from D, and Jason Kanner from Soul, legends!


Where do you see your career going from here?
I’d like to move more into high-end fashion eventually and do the international show circuit. I’ve leant a lot in the last years about development but have not really had the chance to work in that way yet.


Favorite photographer? Favorite stylist?
There are so many clever creative people. I like Steven Meisel & Joe McKenna a lot.
Locally I really like Alex Trommlitz and Hamburg’s Isabelle Thiry.


What’s the most important thing to you?
A coin that I inherited from my father. He wore it in his pocket everyday.
It’s a really special thing to me now.


And mentally/Spiritually?
Knowledge of having my family and friends close to me. Being loved and giving it back to the people that count to me.


What’s one thing you wish you could change about the world?
No war over religion. No war at all really. We should be one world.


Places you want to visit?
A road trip though North and South America.


Best and Worst day of your life?
Same day, I was playing my biggest gig ever and loving it until I flung my drum stick across the stage in the middle of a song and hit the singer on the head.


Will we see you in a new drum video soon?
Yes, after doing this first one form examinations I’m super hungry for more. I’m working on a new one already and writing a new drum lines.



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